Zimbabwean footballer Adam Ndlovu dies in car accident aged 42

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Sunday, December 16, 2012 

Former Zimbabwean professional footballer Adam Ndlovu has died in a car accident that also left his brother critically injured. Adam and his brother Peter, also a former professional footballer, were in the accident after failure of a tire on the BMW X5 Adam was reportedly driving. Reports also suggest an unidentified female passenger may have died in the accident.

George Bhebhe, a friend of Adam, spoke to The Zimbabwean about the circumstances of the accident. He said “Adam died early this morning when their vehicle veered off the road after a tyre burst and hit a tree 20 km from Victoria Falls. He died on arrival at hospital. Peter is in critical condition and he is at Victoria Falls hospital in Intensive Care Unit. But arrangements still being made to transfer from there to a hospital in Bulawayo or Harare”.

Both Adam and Peter played for the Zimbabwe national football team and Peter is their all time top goalscorer. During his career Peter played in the English Premier League and played for Coventry, Sheffield United, Birmingham, and Huddersfield. Sheffield United tweeted “Our thoughts are with former player Peter Ndlovu, who has been critically injured in a car accident in his native Zimbabwe. #sufc”

Adam formerly played for the Zimbabwean team Highlanders and at the time of his death coached Zimbabwe Premier League team Chicken Inn, based in Bulawayo.

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Scott Jeffrey

Couples who want their diamond engagement rings to have a vintage style can opt for rings with cushion cut diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds boasts an attractive antique flair and also has a romantic shape.

How does a cushion cut diamond looks? As the name suggests, these diamonds resemble overstuffed set cushions. They are either rectangular or square in shape and are marked by puffy bodies and rounded corners. These diamonds look significantly different from other more common cuts like princess, oval or emerald cuts; however, the cushion cut diamonds have similarities with each of these 3 popular cuts. Whether you want your cushion cut diamond engagement rings to be rectangular or square depends completely on your personal preference. According to experts, they both look equally gorgeous.

YouTube Preview Image

The popularity of cushion cut diamonds dates back to the late 1800s and the initial years of the 1900s. During those days, these diamonds were often also referred to as pillow cut diamonds as they looked like plump pillows. Some also called it candlelight diamond; this is because the cushion cut diamonds were cut in a way so that they look brilliant even in candlelight. Due to several modifications and advancements in lapidary skills, the cushion cut diamonds of the current generation are more symmetrical compared to their older counterparts. However, still you will rarely find cushion cuts used in pieces other than antique diamond engagement rings.

Unlike the diamonds used in modern-day diamond engagement rings, which come with 80 or more facets, the cushion cut diamonds possess 60 facets. As a result, the fire and sparkle of these vintage diamonds are much less when compared to the round diamonds and diamonds with more precise shape. In addition to all these, some cushion cut diamonds include cutlets into the stones for adding depth to them. If the cutlet incorporated into the stone is too big in size, it will end up creating an ugly shadow and spoil the stone’s beauty. As the cushion cut diamond rings come with fewer facets, these rings often struggle when it comes to their clarity. Due to lack of enough facets, even the slightest flaws in these diamonds get noticed easily.

Cushion cut is still not used frequently in modern rings. These diamonds works best as solitaires; the main reason behind this is that a solitaire draws your eye only to the main piece i.e. the diamond. However, individuals who want to add accent stones to their diamond engagement rings can opt for complementary styles like trilliant and oval shapes. Mostly, the accent stones are either set on the channels or kept subdued; this is done to ensure that people do not get distracted from the rare (cushion-like) shape of the actual stone.

The setting that is most common in cushion cut diamond engagement rings is the 4-prong arrangement. This setting holds the diamond securely and does not allow its shape to get obscured. You will also come across older cushion cut diamond engagement rings with up to 8 prongs. The designers suggest not using more than 8 prongs as it might spoil the shape of the diamonds and the overall look of the diamond engagement rings.

You can also use cushion cut diamonds in your wedding ring sets, if you want them to have a vintage tinge.

The author is an expert jewelry designer with more than ten years of experience. He is also known widely for his articles on

wedding ring sets


diamond engagement rings


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Diamonds: Anglo American to pay US$5.1 billion for 40% of De Beers

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Friday, November 4, 2011 

Anglo American PLC has negotiated a price of US$5.1 billion to buy 40% of diamond giant De Beers from the Oppenheimer family. Anglo’s stake will jump from 45% to either 75% or 85%; the Botswanan government has an option to increase its own stake.

“This has been a momentous and difficult decision as my family has been in the diamond industry for more than 100 years and part of De Beers for over 80 years,” said De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer. The Oppenheimers are selling their entire remaining stake in the company they took over in the 1920s. They retain 2% of Anglo, founded in 1917 by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer. Until Nicky’s resignation this year Anglo’s board has always featured an Oppenheimer.

As-of June De Beers assets totalled US$8.2 billion with US$1.2 billion pre-tax profit over the prior six months, compared to a US$863 million pre-tax profit last year. The firm owns two Canadian mines and one in South Africa, along with joint ownership with Botswana in two of the world’s biggest diamond mines.

Part of the sale deal promises the Oppenheimers will be given part of any value increase if the firm is floated within two years. Nonetheless, Anglo CEO Cynthia Carroll denied this means a flotation is planned. She also said there is no connection between the purchase, which is set to be finalised next year, and Chilean state-owned copper firm Coldeco’s recent major purchase of 49% of various Anglo property. The Oppenheimers receive 20% of any price increase if a float occurs within a year, and 10% if one happens the year after.

Home-invaders pose as NYC police

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Monday, July 16, 2007 

In two separate incidents, men posing as members of the New York Police Department (NYPD), have invaded homes in the New York City area. In both cases, they robbed the residents, but in the most recent, they sexually assaulted a woman.

On Saturday, July 14, at 1:09 a.m. EDT (UTC-4), four men knocked on the door of a Yonkers, New York, apartment. The 33-year-old male that lives there opened the door, as the men outside wore NYPD hats and t-shirts, and had badges hanging around their necks.

The men promptly ordered the male victim to the floor. “When this guy pushed me, he had a gun in my face,” the victim said. “I could see the other guy. He motioned to the others, come on, let’s go, let’s go.” The intruders shouted “Where are the drugs?” as they ransacked the apartment.

Two of the men entered the bedroom and sexually assaulted the 30-year-old female. The couple has a five-year-old child, who was sleeping in another bedroom. “The more I resisted, the more he began to hit me,” the woman said. She said she was sexually assaulted by two of the men while her boyfriend was bound and guarded.

Police said the men then left with a cell phone, a laptop computer, a diamond ring and a gold chain. Police do not believe that they were real officers. As of this afternoon, no arrests have been made.

On Thursday, July 5, shortly after six p.m. in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn five men knocked on the door claiming to be “the police.” When the victims opened the door, they pushed their way in demanding the family give them drugs and money.

When police responded to a call reporting a robbery, they found the family, husband, wife and their daughter, tied up. The man suffered a head injury when he was pistol-whipped. Police say the robbers got away with a camera, jewelry, and US$5,000 in currency.

Neighbors told NY1 that they were stunned. “Frightened. Make you think twice before you want to open the door, you know,” said one of the neighbors. “Now you be asking for all this ID and stuff and even still you’re going to wonder, are they for real? So it’s kind of scary.”

There is no word about whether the two cases are connected. Yonkers is on the border of New York City, but is outside the jurisdiction of the NYPD.

Plus Size Lingerie: Simply Stunning Lingerie

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By Amanda Cotterill

Once upon a time, the best that full-figured gals could hope to find in plus-size lingerie were shapeless, oversized nightgowns that were less than flattering. Finding sexy plus-size lingerie was an impossible task.

Nothing is more discouraging than searching through dozens of stores and online shops for a great little number. It’s tough to fit into a medium/small world when you’re a large or larger. You want the same sexy corsets and bustiers or slinky silk gowns and playful babydolls the “little” girls are wearing. Even if you order the largest size of lingerie available, if it isn’t made for your type of body, it’s going to be uncomfortable and most likely won’t fit well at all.

The markets have changed and plus-size lingerie is available in a broad variety of shapes and sizes to match all of the different body types. Seductive, glamorous lingerie is available in a variety of heart-pounding designs, bringing sexy back into the lives of plus-size women and the men who love them.

Here are some shopping tips for sexy plus size lingerie that fits:

YouTube Preview Image

First, determine your proper size. You might need to visit a lingerie store to speak with the saleswomen. Be honest with yourself about your size, too. You might think you’re a size 14, but you’re really more of a 16 or 18 – and that’s okay!

Have the salesperson take measurements, even if the only piece of lingerie you’re looking for is a bra. Most women don’t know their proper bra or panty size. The right measurements make all the difference in the world.

Remember that sizes vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some sizes run small, other run a little larger. Your salesperson needs to be honest, too. Make sure she isn’t telling you an article of clothing looks great just to make a sale.

An experienced salesperson will help you determine and discover your best qualities. Draw attention to those with sexy plus size lingerie. A baby doll ensemble covers the hips and accentuates the legs. A corset or bustier is fantastic for a woman with a beautiful bosom while flattering the curves of the waist and hips. A sheer bed jacket over a silky camisole covers arms and shoulders but reveals just enough to tempt your partner.

Plus-size women no longer have to settle for the leftovers. Many stores are cropping up that specialize in creating seductive lingerie for all sorts of women. The opportunities are endless to look sexy and sleek, regardless of size. With plus-size lingerie, slinky and spicy options are available to help inject the passion back into the bedroom.

Most of all make sure that whatever sexy plus size lingerie you choose it reflects your mood and your personality, too many women think because they don’t have the perfect figure they have to hide away – show it off!

The variety of lingerie available today means that there is something for everyone, no matter what your shape or size or how much body confidence you have.

About the Author: Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the

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market for many years. This article outlines the benefits of the larger woman wearing

plus size lingerie

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Understand Dental Implant With A Difference

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Understand Dental Implant with a Difference


Sandra Short

Soon or later, you will come across a phase in your life when you start missing your teeth. It may happen due to a sudden accident, decay, or brushing your teeth every day. But the ultimate fact is that you will not feel well while smiling if there is even a single tooth missing. Dental implants have changed the mindset of people as now regaining the missed beauty is very much possible. While doing dental implant, the tooth made with titanium is inserted into the jawbone. Titanium is used for this purpose due to its superior quality of matching with the body and staying away from any reaction.

Types of Dental Implants:

The technological advanced has bought very many options in every field and dental implantation is not an exception. There are different types of dental implants available in the industry. Some of the most popular amongst them are discussed below:

Root Implant:

YouTube Preview Image

This is particularly the most popular type of dental implant in Sydney which is preferred by most of the patients. The implant is so effective & natural that it fits with the original size of the existing teeth. The only thing to keep in mind is appointing an expert dentist for this job because it is the work of en expert. The dentist creates some space in the jawbone and then inserts the prepared teeth with care. The gums are then stitched which keeps the teeth strong for a longer time.

Osseo integration step is most popular in this method because it ensures the life of new teeth. Some additional precautions and medicines are also required in this type of implant. Once the Osseo integration is done properly and Dental Crowns are fitted, the implanted teeth secure their place and match with the existing teeth.

Plate Form Implant:

This type of dental implant is preferred when the jawbone is not wide enough to support a root implant. Plate form implant is thinner than root implant thus it takes less space than the later one. Rest of the process goes the same. The only difference is, no Osseo integration is required as the plate is immediately inserted into jawbone.

Subperiosteal Implant:

This type of dental implant is required for the patience with weaker jawbone. If the jawbone has receded to the point that it is not capable to give any support to a permanent plant, Subperiosteal implant becomes the crucial one. Initially the Cosmetic Dentist Sydney implants on the jawbone without any support and with some time, the gums cover the implant to make it permanent. This type of implant can also be performed in a single procedure where an initial CAT scan is required.

Precautions Required:

A holistic approach is always required for the health of teeth, but having an implant or Porcelain Veneers Sydney makes it even more important. Regular cleaning of the teeth, jaw and gums is suggested by the dentists. Alongside, the patients must stay away from drinking too hot or too cold liquids. If the dentists have suggested any other medicine or precaution, take care of follow the instruction to increase the life of implants.

About Dentartistry:

Dr Sandra Short is the principal of DentArtistry and for three decades has pioneered ground-breaking dental implant treatments and the fine art of cosmetic dentistry here in Australia – giving her patients the kind of smiles they’ve always wanted. For a consultation, call dentArtistry on (02) 9363 9823 and book a time to see Dr Sandra Short.

Author Information:Dr Sandra Short Vice President and COO DentArtistry 14 Manning Road   Double Bay, NSW Australia 2028Phone: (02) 9363 9823Website: dentartistry.com.au

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Does The Duty Of Utmost Good Faith Apply To Claims

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By Frank Egan – LAC Lawyers

Originally the duty of utmost good faith was a common law concept which applied directly to contracts of insurance. The introduction of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (the Act) brought about a fundamental change to this duty – the Act states ‘a contract of insurance is based on the utmost good faith and there is implied in such a contract a provision requiring each party to it to act towards the other party, in respect of any matter arising under or in relation to it, with the utmost good faith.’ Today the duty of the utmost good faith must be looked at from both the common law and statutory perspectives with respect to obligations owed by insurers to insureds once a claim has been lodged under an insurance policy. Insurance contracts are subject to the duty of utmost good faith because each party to the contract must act with the utmost good faith with respect to their dealings with one another. This duty is not to be confused with the duty of disclosure which deals with the pre-contractual obligations of the parties and is otherwise dealt with under the Act.

Effectively the duty of utmost good faith is now implied in contracts of insurance which previously was not the case at common law. At common law the strict application of the duty might have resulted in an insurer entitled to avoid a contract of insurance ad initio (from inception). The difference now is that as an implied term in a contract of insurance a breach of the duty by the insurer can now give rise to a claim for damages in contract in relation to the settlement of a claim. As the meaning of ‘utmost good faith’ is not defined in the Act reference must be had to some of the cases in this area. What is important to keep in mind is that duty focuses on the word ‘utmost’ and that this is the measure of good faith relied upon with fairness and honesty being part of it. Of course the duty has to be viewed objectively and it applies globally to all aspects of the relationship between an insurer and insured encompassing the payment and settlement of claims. There is an argument that the duty may have some precontractual force although this does not have much currency. Given that we are talking about an insured being able to sue under the Act for damages for breach of an implied term of the duty of utmost good faith, this begs the question: whether or not an insurer could be held liable in damages where they have exhibited bad faith? Suffice to say, in the USA bad faith claims have been around for many years and perhaps this area of the law may develop in Australia in future although the courts have expressed otherwise.

YouTube Preview Image

One of the vexing questions which remains to be asked is whether in certain circumstances an insured’s duty to act with good faith extends to third parties along with the utmost good faith. Recent cases suggest that there can be a breach of a duty of utmost good faith even where the insurer has not acted dishonestly and where third party interests are involved. As matters currently stand there is no tort of bad faith and a breach of the duty can only result in a liability for damages for breach of contract. In a recent case the New South Wales Court of Appeal ruled that an insurer has a duty of good faith and fair dealing not only to an insured but to those who benefit under a policy. The court said that the duty of good faith applies where the policy is at least for the indirect benefit of the insured. Despite this there remains considerable doubt as to whether the duty of utmost good faith extends to third parties as the duty that the court is talking about here is one of good faith and fair dealing.

About the Author: Frank Egan is the Chief Executive Officer of LAC Insurance Lawyers Sydney and has over 27 years of experience as a lawyer.

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War between top lawyers in Greece

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Sunday, December 25, 2005 

The famous Greek lawyers, Sakis Kechagioglou and George Nikolakopoulos have been imprisoned in the Athens’ jail of Korydallus, as they were found guilty of graft and corruption. As a result of this, a big scandal within the Greek legal community has been raised through the exposure of illegal actions that judges, lawyers, solicitors and attorneys have done during the previous years. A few weeks ago, after the information published by the journalist Makis Triantafylopoulos in his popular Television show “Zoungla” in Alpha TV, the member of Parliament and lawyer, Petros Mantouvalos was abdicated as members of his office had been involved in illegal graft and corruption. Moreover, top judge Evangelos Kalousis is imprisoned as he found guilty of corruption and degenerate behaviour.

Except from journalists’ research about scandals in the legal Community of Greece, accusations from well-known lawyers and attorneys such as the famous Athens’ lawyer Alexis Kougias, against colleagues have as a result a greater dialogue and discussion in the country upon this important issue.

Pirate Bay case: Internet group attacks websites in “Operation Baylout”

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Saturday, April 25, 2009 

Anonymous, the loosely defined online activist group most known for organizing mass protests against the Church of Scientology, has begun a campaign against the websites of entities associated with the prosecution in the Pirate Bay Trial, Wikinews has learned.

Termed “Operation Baylout”, the group claims that hundreds of volunteers are taking part in coordinated efforts to jam the websites of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and MAQS, a law firm working with the prosecution in the Pirate Bay case. As of Friday evening MAQS’s website read “Our website is currently under attack and we have therefore decided to shut it down until the attack ceases.”

The group is also coordinating efforts to jam the fax lines of the MPAA’s anti-piracy office and of prosecuting attorney Monique Wadsted.

Andrew Norton of Pirate Party International rejected the attacks, saying, “While we can’t condone these acts, it does show there is a wealth of feeling that opposes the decisions and actions of this trade body. Perhaps if this trade group [the IFPI] was not so focused on increasing their members’ short-term profits, and focused on long term growth and giving customers what they have wanted for the last 10 years, we would not all be in this situation now. However, if people really want to make a difference, and get a result, then they should be supporting their local pirate parties, which will give a lasting result, by providing a government that is more resistant to the lobbying efforts of the IFPI and their ilk.”

While one participant told Wikinews that he or she had taken part in the Church of Scientology protests, and while websites announcing the attacks claim to be affiliated with Anonymous, the decentralized and informal nature of the group makes it difficult to verify whether the attacks are a “legitimate” Anonymous operation.

Some seven hundred to one thousand users took part in an April 20 distributed denial of service (DDOS) “raid” against the IFPI’s website, taking it down for several hours.

The group makes use of Anonymous’s tactics from Project Chanology in coordinating raids. Ideas for targets are proposed in open discussion forums on a range of websites, mainly spinoffs of 4chan, although both participants Wikinews spoke to expressed disdain for that site particularly. When an idea finds favor with a significant portion of the group, it quickly — sometimes within four hours — evolves and is elaborated through a number of IRC channels. As a plan develops, word is put out to other members, and when enough people are assembled, the members activate customized but rudimentary programs downloaded from popular anonymous upload sites such as RapidShare to their home computers. These programs, “Epic Fail Cannon” and “Bayloutlazer”, execute a UDP ping flood against the target website. Most participants are by and large not computer experts, instead relying on the instructions and programming skills of others.

The group also coordinates its efforts through Anonymous’s message boards and one message announced, “Do local coordinating for individual cells on their respective Chanology boards.” Posters to those boards express common themes in support of The Pirate Bay: against censorship, for freedom of information and in personal concern about being jailed for internet piracy.

However, most participants are casual rather than dedicated members, involved “for lulz” — cheap entertainment at the expense of others.

One participant quoted to Wikinews the following statement from 888chan.org, a message board where the Baylout raids originated: “Project Chanology began as an online attack against Scientology because they fucked with our Internets. Nothing more. 2) It has since morphed into a caricature of itself, in which moralfags genuinely think it’s all about destroying an evil cult. We couldn’t care less about how evil they are except that they fucked with our Internets. 3) The lulz value of Project Chanology now lies in the fact that Anon has managed to personal army thousands of people into destroying our enemy for us. People will go to great lengths to participate and contribute to a “cause” when they don’t know they’re the victims of a very grand and subtle troll. The lulz is not in what they do but in the fact that they are being PA’d by Anons. This moralfag personal army in turn trolls everyone who takes them seriously, because they take themselves seriously, without ever being aware of the fact of the troll themselves. It’s pretty slick tbh.”

It is, however, entirely possible that this assertion is itself a bluff.

Coordinated attacks against Swedish government and media industry websites have become commonplace in retaliation for legal actions against The Pirate Bay.

The group plans its next raid to take place at 12:00 GMT on April 26, against the IFPI’s Swedish website. Previous attacks on websites have been attributed to the same group. On January 20, 2008 Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacking the Church of Scientology’s website which resulted in an arrest. In October 2008, Dmitriy Guzner, aged 18, admitted to the DDOS attack on the Church and pleaded guilty to computer hacking.

Learning To Live On 70% Of Your Income

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By Debra Dragon

One of the most important financial lessons a person can learn is to live within their means. The problem many people with excessive debt have is spending as much (or more) than they make – and then having to lean on credit cards and other sources of credit to make ends meet. Once you’ve gone beyond your “means”, it’s a vicious cycle that is extremely hard to break, because you’re basically start out in the red (or negative).

One of the most effective methods of saving money is learning how to live on less than you make. It’s a classic financial lesson that many people miss, and therefore end up deep in debt. It’s far too easy to charge a large purchase or numerous small purchases on a credit card, because you know the minimum payment will be affordable. The problem escalates as you increase the number of “minimum payments” you are required to make each month to the point that you can’t pay anything more than the minimum – and suddenly the interest and finance charges are eating your payments.

When you learn how to live on less than your income, you automatically make it possible to save money. You can use the difference in income and living expenses to create an emergency fund, save for your future, and pay for unexpected expenses with cash rather than credit.

Here are four basic tips for learning to live on 70% of your income, which means you can put 20% of your income in the savings vehicle of your choice:

YouTube Preview Image

1. Figure out what you’re currently spending money on by tracking every incoming and outgoing dollar for a full month. If you’re not already keeping a close eye on your spending, this will be an enlightening experience. If you find your income just isn’t enough, do something about it! If you’re spending too much on unnecessary items, do something about it!

2. Look at what you are spending your money on, for example – if you tend to spend a lot of money on coffee on the way to work, start making coffee at home. You’ll read this tip on every money saving blog and website you come across but the fact is, buying coffee out is something many people do without a second thought and the money absolutely adds up.

3. Learn how to make your favorite meals at home and avoid eating in restaurants or getting take-out. Doesn’t mean you can never have a treat, but for families who eat out frequently, you can use far less of your food budget by making food at home rather than going out.

4. Buy items in bulk whenever the prices are discounted for doing so and the items will not expire or be wasted. Good candidates for buying in bulk include paper towels, toilet paper, canned goods and juice.

In order to increase the amount of money you have available to save, you need to decrease the amount of income you’re using. Working toward the goal of living on 70% of your income (or less!) will help you grow a healthy savings account.

About the Author: Debra Dragon is a freelance writer providing content for


on the topics of savings accounts, checking accounts,

money market

accounts, certificates of deposit and IRAs.



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