Our Most Stress Free Family Camping Tent Assembly Ever!

Posted by 8cMqD7 on August 21, 2017

By Vicki Fjellner

It was a dark and stormy night and we had just arrived at our destination a gorgeous, secluded camping spot beside a beautiful BC mountain lake. As we stepped out of the truck we kept saying Please, please, please dont let it start to pour until we get the tent up. Does this sound familiar to you? If you are an avid camping enthusiast Im sure youve been in this situation before. Its getting dark, the weather is closing in and youre struggling to get an unwieldy tent set up as the kids (who seem to have multiplied during the long trip) are running around getting in to everything.

This time, for us, something was very different. We had just invested in a wondrous modular tent system called the 1 Atlas & 2 Miga Instant 8 Person Combo camping tent. What makes this combo so phenomenal is the fact that it is a pop up tent system. Yep, really. When they said instant they meant it! It was less than a minute from the time that we took the main tent (the Atlas) out of the back of the truck to the time that we were stowing our gear (and kids) inside, under cover. Another couple minutes later and the two smaller sleeping tents (the Migas) were up and attached to the center tent. Without a doubt, this was for sure the fastest tent assembly ever!

As the kids settled down with a bedtime snack and we started to rearrange our camping gear into some semblance of order, we began to realize just how roomy this tent was. What a relief to know that, even if it were still raining in the morning, the children would have a place to play. While we rolled out the sleeping bags and started to get the kids ready for bed, my husband and I kept stealing smiley glances at each other. What luxury to have a pop up tent, especially one that has so much space. The Atlas alone is 9 feet wide by 9 feet long and is 6 glorious feet tall and each Miga offers ample space for the three kids to sleep in one while we get to spread out in the other.

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An additional benefit of this great and innovative modular tent system is that, as the children get a bit older and want to bring along a friend or two, it wont be a problem because we can just add a third Miga tent to the combo. Actually, these small tents are terrific stand-alone tents as well. So, as the kids, one by one, get into their early teens and want some extra privacy, we could start a little tent town and have a few of them dotted around, but not attached to, the main tent.

All in all, I dont think that anyone could have designed a more stress free, versatile or convenient family camping tent. Kudos to The Camping Equipment Company! As we snuggled into our downy beds I couldnt help thinking yes indeed, it was a dark and stormy night but we were warm and dry in our special home away from home. This was going to be the absolute best family camping trip ever!

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